Barnett Family Tree

Many family trees for the “Barnett family” appear on the web; all seem to have their
origins in the UK. Most seem to come from Liverpool and the surrounding areas, but the
name Barnett seems to be spread right across England. In fact, Barnetts now are found
across most of the English speaking countries of the world, and beyond.

This web site is focused on the Barnetts who have their origins in Ashford, Kent in the
1850’s. Our research is in it’s infancy and we hope more data will come to light giving
details of both descendants and ancestors of our family.

Brief history so far:

April 2008
James Samuel Barnett, who was born in Ashford, married and moved to Ely, is currently
our earliest confirmed ancestor. We know his father was James and his mother was
Susannah, and he possibly had many siblings. James Samuel became the Headmaster of
the National School in Ely. His children have spread throughout southern England and as
far away as Australia. One was killed during the First World War in the Mesopotamian
campaign. He is buried at the North Gate of Baghdad, in what is now modern Iraq.

Oct 2009
We have now confirmed that James and Susannah are the parents of James Samuel and his
siblings are Charles H, William, Susannah, Thomas George and Naomi.

It is very likely that James’ parents were Samuel Barnett and Sarah Toft (married 7 December 1814).
They lived in Alfold, Surrey, England. They were the parents of James (above), Samuel,
Sarah, Hannah, George, Benjamin, Elizabeth and Charles.

Current status of this web site:

We are developing this database as a working tool to keep track of the results of our
researches. At present, the information in it is just a skeleton. We will be researching
further for both facts (birth dates etc.) and details of peoples lives (occupations,
movements during their lives etc). It will take time to research and organise this
information and enter it appropriately.

The database contains details of both people from long ago and those of today, and so
for privacy reasons, full access is limited to those with a demonstrated right or need to
know. Please contact us if you think you should have full access.

This is definitely work in progress – so please let us know if you have any further
information, if details should be corrected, or if you believe that some details should not
be publicly available.

Overview (added 6/4/2010)

Contact us by email:

Tony Barnett

November 2009.